Writings 1996 to date


I have written a lot of words since 1996. Indeed, confining myself to non fiction, I have well over 150000 collected already (and possibly lots more when some of the more hack-like medical journalism is taken into account)

Late last year, various websites I had written for had some hiatuses (hiati?), others ceased to exist altogether. I contemplated literary mortality. A desire to collect some of my reviews into hard covers coalesced.

As I have collected them, I realised some things

a) I wrote a lot, about a lot of things.

b) the quality was pretty variable. Some pieces I would be glad to see disappear into a void of missing webpages.

c) a big fat volume of everything I had written, ever, would be of little interest to anyone. Including me.

I met with Erica van Horn and Simon Cutts of Coracle , and in the course of a very helpful chat they advised blogging some of my writings. Not a blog with an intended audience, but just blogging pieces I had written, and thereby seeking threads and commonalities.

So that is what I am going to do.

I have also begun a site which will overlap with this one, with a focus (hazy at times) on medical writing – which I am calling A Medical Education. I will include pieces that I have posted there here, and here there, but with a slightly different slant perhaps.

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