Perpetual Motion. Part 3 of 5. Sept 2010

Part 1 herePart 2 here. Full story here

Scene 8. Not as long ago as most of the other scenes, with the exception of Scene 2.

A Network Rail train from Cambridge to London.

I sit opposite a tall man with a drooping mustache. I nod at him, but he is engrossed in his laptop. I take out my own laptop and turn it on. I have been told what to do, but this time I have some idea of the why and how. This man works for a company “spun off” one of the Cambridge colleges mathematics department. This is a typical manoeuvre of late capitalism. He is developing a set of mathematical models that can be used to make CCTV systems even more intrusive. As it stands, even the most thoroughly designed CCTV systems will have blind spots, zones that escape the panopticon of capitalist authoritarianism. This man does not even realise the implications of his work. I activate the program we have developed, which can open a Bluetooth connection to another device without its owner having any awareness of this. Using this, I transfer a set of viruses over to his laptop. One will wipe his hard drive twenty-four hours from now , and we happen to know that he is not very good at keeping backups. Another will email his contacts, and infect them. Another will install itself silently in the server of the company he works for when he goes into work tomorrow morning. This will provide us with useful intelligence, as the company is part of many networks we are interested in. We will be able to read all emails sent to and from the company, as well as thoroughly reviewing the files of all users.


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