“Townies” have every right to comment on rural affairs

I have found James Common’s blog wonderful and consistently interesting and thought-provoking. I have posted what is a somewhat diffuse and rambling point as a comment on this blog post.. My comment may be tl;dr so essentially I agree with James’ point completely, but have a concern that Winning Arguments and Getting Legislation Passed won’t change attitudes and behaviours….

James Common

“What right do townies have to comment on rural affairs”

The above quote is one I have heard uttered numerous times of late, and see aired fairly frequently on social media. Usually  by members of rural factions, disgruntled when their practices and pastimes are called into question by those removed from the rural bubble. By “townies” and other urbanites. These infuriating words indicative of an increasingly common view – that because those speaking out against rural workings do not share the rural way of life, that our opinions are somehow invalid, or at the very least, less important than those of the people who live and work in the countryside. A rather silly view, that I fully disagree with.

Claims that “townies” and “arm-chair conservationists” do not live and work in the countryside are all well and good. Many of them do not, yet continue to campaign, and voice concern…

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