A cobbler in stained glass: St Crispin from St Peter and Paul’s, Clonmel, courtesy of Munster Shoes Limited

It’s been a while since I have posted any Tipperary Stained Glass posts. I suppose the best explanation is that the chance hasn’t presented itself – this is very much an opportunistic endeavour on my part.

I’ve also been thinking of how best to present these photos. In a way the posts that consisted of loads of photos of a particular church’s stained glass reflect the artless approach I have taken, but don’t do these works justice.

So I plan to post on one window at a time, or a set. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, here is a window that has long intrigued me, from St Peter and Paul’s in Clonmel. It is a window depicting St Crispin, who along with his brother St Crispinian is patron of a whole load of things – including cobblers.Indeed, he has now given his name to a fancy handmade shoe company.

Here is the window:


This window is “Presented by the Workers of Munster Shoes Limited In Gratitude to God for Favours Received 1935 – 1956”

A close up of the writing at the bottom


A further view of the window from further away:


And further yet, to put in some more context:


There is a better image of this window here

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    1. Seán thank you you so much for these comments, apologies I have been remiss in replying. I haven’t been to Ahenny in a while… hopefully will get a chance over the summer


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