“This Woful Elegy”: the grave of William Costello, “of the parish of Grangemocler”

Visiting the Killamery High cross, I spied just to the south of the cross a striking gravestone, that of “William Costello, of the parish of Grangemocler”.

With a little bit of careful rubbing with paper and pencil (crayon not being to hand) I deciphered the inscription:

William Costello of the parish of Grangemocler

All you that pafs this woful Elegy

Your former sins repent and pray for me

Death has constrained my age at 33

A perfect warning to posterity

1807 III June he died

May his Soul in heaven be Ever Glorified.


Unfortunately getting a good view of the stone in the light with my phone camera proved tricky, so apologies for the quality of these images.

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