Stained Glass from St Patrick’s Church, Crossmaglen (Creggan Upper Parish), Co. Armagh

This is the parish church of Upper Creggan parish in Crossmaglen, Co Armagh.

St Patrick’s Church has a photo gallery on Flickr and an informative website. In 2015 this fine church received a grant from the UK Government Listed Places of Worship repair fund for urgent roof repairs.

On the entrance doors there is an image of the shrine of the bell of St Patrick, which I note is also featured on the front page of the parish website:

On the door beside this, is a stern-looking St Patrick:


My skills in photographing stained glass with my phone camera are pretty limited, but photographing the often-magnificent pieces above the altar is a particular challenge (see Killenaule photos for proof). St Patrick’s has an outstanding example, and I tried to take photos of the individual panels, but they were too blurry for inclusion.

I liked these images of St Patrick and Our Lady (at first I thought crushing the serpent but I think on looking at the photo the green band below Her feet is part of her garment) on each transept:

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