Let it snow!

I have just discovered Maja Pitamic’s site, much to my pleasure. And it seems somehow fitting to reblog this in the midst of a prolonged spell of overly hot weather.

Maja Pitamic

Seasons Greetings!

Here are some of my favourite snow scenes.


Hunters in the snow by Bruegel the elder 1563

Surely this painting is in everyone’s favourite snow paintings. The composition is flawless, we are there with the hunters surveying the wintry scene below. The ice-tone cool colours giving the feeling of relentless cold.The bending bodies of not only the hunters but the dogs too give the impression of utter weariness. There has been no luck for these hunters today.


Winter landscape by Avercamp c 1620

Here by contrast to the Bruegel we have a classic Avercamp scene. The whole village has come out to enjoy skating on the frozen water. I love all the details from the wobbly toddler, the speeding men showing off and the courting couples they are all there.


In complete contrast to the Avercamp we have this wood cut Winter Evening in Japan by Hokusai c…

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