The dried-up riverbed of the Clashawley River, Fethard, Tipperary

This is not the first time this has happened. Nevertheless it is eerie to walk beside a dried-up river, especially one that at other times is prone to flooding.

Evidently (from the second link above) Fethard has a community very devoted to its river and I would be very curious to know how often this has happened in the past. Is it a legacy of the heatwave of this summer or is something else at play?






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  1. From, Killenaule, living in Dublin and walked our dogs along that dry river bed this morning. An old boy on the bridge said it has happened before, sometimes more than once a year. We checked it back near Laffansbridge too and it was dry there also. It rises only a mile or so past Laffansbridge and so is quite short. I know the Dodder River in Dublin never runs dry because it is fed from quite an extensive bog up in Dublin Mountains. I don’t think the Clashawley has any such source.


    1. Thank you MIck for your comment – used to leave near the Dodder and its many small tributaries (many of which are hidden by suburbia) – it isn’t unusual for the Clashawley (around the playground the river often seems quite low) but certainly the flow elsewhere is usually pretty good… I came across this unexpectedly on Saturday morning so perhaps the shock was quite stark!


    1. Yes indeed, it is quite eerie to encounter with a certain apocalyptic feel – which is not a totally justifiable feeling intellectually (after all, dried up rivers are hardly something new!) but it does have a . power to unsettle..


      1. Yes without a doubt. It’s a very strange feeling looking at something that resembles a boreen more than a river and knowing not long ago I spent hours there wading in water up to my waist.


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