#ChoralMarch , March 14th – Gloria Et In Terra Pax, Paul Leddington Wright Singers

The multi-denominational Christian Community of Taizé has had a deep influence on ecumenical approaches in Christianity, and also in accessible yet spiritually meaningful worship. The founder of Taizé, Brother Roger, was a Swiss Protestant monk who, in an endeavour to bridge some at least of the tragic divides of the Twentieth Century, founded Taizé. In 2005, aged 90, he was stabbed by a Romanian woman under the influence of psychotic delusions.

The music of Taizé I have come across online both online and in various other contexts is  somewhat repetitive (but this is part of its appeal I  guess) but nevertheless quite evocative and compelling in the right doses and at the right times. For instance it is highly effective at times of reflection.

Here is a typical piece:



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