#AprilCountry – April 17th, “If Jesus Leads This Army”, Howard Haney

I came across Howard Haney rather randomly via Spotify – on “The Half Ain’t Never Been Told: Early American Religious Rural Music” album
From Hillbilly Music.com , here is a bio of Howard Haney, represented by exactly one song on Spotify:

Howard Earl Haney was born in Ironton, Ohio, the son of Arthur Haney and the former Ella Rolph.
Howard was an Apostolic Pentecostal Minister. He was Saved when he was 17 and stayed with the Church until he died in 1970 in Portsmouth, Ohio.
A relative of Howards recalls that he wrote five or six songs, including “Sunset Gates of Gold” and another being “Your Mother still Prays For You Jack”. He recorded those 2 songs as well as the following songs, “When Jesus Leads This Army”, “Keep on the Firing Line”, “The Dying Boy’s Message” and “Wandering Boy”.
The songs were also recorded several years later by the Carter Family.

There is something eerily modern about Haney’s voice, and I would be curious to hear more. Anyhow, with Easter approaching, here is “If Jesus Leads This Army”:

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