Three Victor Silvester songs for May 10th


Deep Purple/Soir Indigo:

Information from the YouTube page of the above:

“Deep Purple” composed by Peter De Rose was first published in 1933. The piano composition became very popular and in 1938 lyrics were added by Mitchell Parish. More information on “Deep Purple” can be found here :…)

To French audiences the song was known as “Soir Indigo” and was a big hit for the French female crooner Léo Marjane. Victor Silvester was world champion balllroom dancer who founded his own orchestra in 1935 because he felt there were no adequate records for dancing…. He went on to sell more than 75 million records throughout his career.

More info on Victor Silvester can be found here:…

Nearly 100 years after the sinking of “Titanic” this video features another legendary ocean liner : RMS Queen Mary. She made her maiden trip in 1936 and remained a favourite with the travelling public until her retirement in 1967. The video shows her leaving on her maiden voyage as well as her conversion to a troop ship during the Second World War. Being a museum as well as a hotel, she is now berthed in Long Beach, California. More info on this great ocean liner can be found here :…

“In The Still Of The Night” with “art slideshow”

Again from the YouTube page’s info:


Art slideshow set to “In the Still of the Night” by Victor Silvester Orchestra. Includes mostly impressionist landscape paintings (with some Symbolism, Romanticism and Expressionism thrown in) depicting evening, night, sunset, streets in the rain etc. Supposed to appear a bit gloomy. In order of appearance:

Lesser Ury – Sonnenuntergang am Grunewaldsee (1900s)

Lesser Ury – Landwehrkanal 1920

Aristarkh Lentulov – The sun above the roofs. 1928

Arkary Rylov – Sunset

Arkady Rylov – Seagulls. Sunset.

Théodore Rousseau – Sunset Near Arbonne

Ivan Aivazovsky – Night in Crimea

Caspar David Friedrich – Evening

Armand Guillaumin – Sunset at Ivry (Soleil couchant à Ivry), 1873

Georges Seurat – Man at the parapet

Lesser Ury – Unter den Linden nach dem Regen

Lesser Ury – Hochbahnhof Bülowstraße 1922

Vincent van Gogh – Starry Night over the Rhone

Vincent van Gogh – The yellow house (‘The street’), 1888

Vincent van Gogh – Houses Seen from the Back

Lesser Ury – Am Landwehrkanal im Herbst

Lesser Ury – Unter den Linden

Claude Monet – Boulevard des Capucines

Camille Pissarro – Boulevard Monmartre in Paris

Camille Pissarro – Boulevard Montmartre au printemps, 1897

Camille Pissarro – Boulevard Montmartre la nuit, 1898

Vincent van Gogh – Starry Night

Van Gogh – Cafe Terrace at Night

Edvard Munch – Kiss by the window

Finally an excursion into Latin-influenced sounds, with the bossanova Desafinado:

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