10% Of Our Potential and The Search for Something More

Corleck-Head.jpgI have been working through the previously discussed The Search for Something More by Peter Hannan and the various exercises therein (this image which rather I posted rather cryptically is part of another exercise)

While I am still finding the exercises interesting, I came across the following in the book which shook my confidence in its credibility:

We become part of the tragic situation which prevails today in which we realise only a small part of our human potential. An authoritative estimate is that we realise only 10% of our human potential and that 90% of it is unrealised.

There is no citation for this “authoritative estimate”, which sounds an awful like the equally meaningless 10% of the brain myth .

This notion cropped up in the film Lucy, which made me laugh out loud at the trailer, but the filmmakers were pretty upfront that they knew this was ridiculous and it was simply a premise for a thriller. In a book on unlocking one’s human potential, it is more of an issue.

I don’t think it unbalances the book, which is stimulating –  but interestingly my engagement in the exercises is increasingly leading to the conclusion that the “outer” and “inner” worlds are not nearly so much in conflict as the book suggests. This seems on the one hand to be Hannan’s point, ultimately it is about finding balance between the two. But on the other hand the tone so far is very much about how social expectations and other aspects of the “outer” world deform our inner lives and relationship building capacities.

My caveats about the “10%” thing aside, it is an interesting process.


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