Côte de Granit Rose and Magheragallon

The Pink Granite Coast of Brittany, along Ploumanac’h is an enchanting, strange landscape. My then two year old leapt to his heart content up and down boulders, perhaps to a degree more frightening than I care to admit. Having said that, there was something thrilling about his bouldering, an unselfconscious pleasure in the act of leaping and conquering.

The above video attempts to capture a mid summer sunset on the boulders.
The Wikipedia article at time of writing states:

This type of pink rock can only be found in two other places in the world, Corsica and China.[citation needed]

Citation needed indeed! For the colour of the boulders, if not perhaps their sheer plenitude, was familiar to me (from 00:11 in the below video):

And indeed here too there are memories of my own childhood, clambering up and down rocks, adventuring in a universe of stone.

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