Bird feeding notes late May

Not quite a month after the April update … some miscellaneous thoughts and observations


  1. Apples definitely are out of the season for garden birds.
  2. Goldfinches have largely disappeared whereas about six weeks ago they were a daily sight. Greenfinches and chaffinches predominate among finches. Not as many Siskins as there were either (though the Siskin/Greenfinch identification issue may confound (link to a PDF)
  3. Birds are notably less shy of myself and my family than they were. Some of this is because we are in the garden much more, perhaps. Though presumably there is also an association with us and food appearing. And I have been pretty obvious in my antipathy to interloping cats (see below)
  4. Cats. Obviously this is pure anthropomorphism on my part. Nevetheless, I am somewhat enraged by the domestic cat stalking “my” birds. To the extent I take to the garden gesticulating and shouting when they appear. And have spread cayenne pepper at various key points in the garden when moggies have been seen.
  5. Still (nearly) no magpies
  6. Still mainly using King mix. With some dedicated sunflower seed mixes for the finches….
  7. I am not a fan of “gimmicky” feeders but have been tempted by a window mounted one – not this actual brand  but very similar. It is working out quite well – after a while the birds, particularly finches and sparrows, are using it – often somewhat competitively. The suckers used to keep the feeder in place slightly militate against it being as good a viewing experience as one might think. However literally as I type a chaffinch is in situ feeding away…


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