Ros Scaite; Carrickfinn, Mullifinns, Carnboy & Dunmore

Nostalgia time again – the approach to Carrickfin has been voted one of the most dramatic airport approaches in Europe – with good reason.

Dúchas Thír Chonaill

The following is an extract of an article I wrote about Carrickfinn Peninsula which appeared in Take Off magazine 2016. To read it in full, see Take Off magazine at Donegal Airport or one of the many tourism providers in Co. Donegal.


Carrickfinn is located in an area called the Rosses in west Donegal, Ireland. The Rosses is a granite plateau dipping into the Atlantic Ocean. It takes its name from the native tongue Na Rosa or the headlands. The most northerly of these is called Ros Scaite meaning remote headland.

dscf9887 Ros Scaite from Braade

Ros Scaite covering around 300 hectares elevates from a machair adjacent to Donegal Airport to the highest point near St Andrew’s Church. Ros Scaite sometimes referred to as Pointe Ros Scaite is made up of four townlands, namely Mullifinns, Carnboy, Dunmore, and Carrickfinn. Over the years it was a tidal island which became a peninsula just before the…

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