Stained Glass from Church of St John The Baptist, Kilcash, Tipperary

Following my post on the  Stained Glass of Augustinian Priory, Fethard here is more stained glass from Tipperary. I am not especially proficient at photography and this was taken in something of a rush while otherwise minding children!


Firstly here are images of John the Baptist, Our Lady and St Joseph from the window behind the altar. 



Here is a window showing Our Lady of Lourdes and St Bernadette:

I am not totally sure which saints are depicted here – possibly St Elizabeth and St Jerome?

A general window (clearly I need to improve my vocabulary around stained glass:



Finally, bur definitely a case of the best til last in both photographic quality and aesthetic appeal, I was able to go into the organ loft to take relatively close up images of (I presume Our Lady and the Sacred Heart)

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