Bird feeding mid February

My last “Bird feeding notes”, was from mid November. One of the nice things about bird feeding is the heightened awareness of the passage of the seasons, and how even in the depths of winter new life is awaiting. Based purely on subjective perception of temperature and the how-hard-it-is-to-drag-oneself-out-of-bed factor, I find the “traditional” beginning of Spring on St Brigid’s Day a little implausible, but from the point of view of the natural world it is perfectly right – indeed, possibly a little late.

I have noted before that there are far more collared doves around this winter/spring, although I have noticed slightly fewer of late. There is an abundance of greenfinches, somewhat more than chaffinches with is a reversal of the usual pattern. A pied wagtail which normally was more evident at the front of the house now seems to be a regular at the back (or is this the same wagtail at all?) and a sprinkling of rooks and jackdaws – though, again, slightly fewer it seems.

And still no magpies (thought I will probably see a flock in a few minutes having written this)


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