From RSPB Nature’s Home – 5 ways to help hedgehogs right now

The official first day of summer, and in my part of the world it is living up to its billing. The year shuffles smoothly on, and growth and greenness reign. One of the most vivid indicators of summertime is the nocturnal visit of the hedgehog. I am not that sure how successful various attempts at making a Hedgehog House were (I think the “official” ones didn’t take, the cardboard scrunched under the shed did)

The RSPB magazine Nature’s Home suggests five ways to help hedgehogs right now:

  1. Help them get around. (leave gaps in fences etc to allow them to navigate. Hedgehogs do a circuit of gardens rather than “belonging” to any one)
  2. Banish the slug pellets (hedgies will do a good job of slug control themselves if left to their own devices)
  3. Reduce hog hazards (take care with bonfires, strimmers and ponds. His inadvertent killing of a hedgehog with a lawnmower led Philip Larkin to write one of the best poems of the second half of the twentieth century, but you may not be so lucky (or talented)
  4. Provide shelter (leave some long grass, build a log pile)
  5. Open a hedgehog cafe (NOT stocked with bread and milk! See full article for details, and don’t forget the water)

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