Vic Damone RIP

Vic Damone has died aged 89.Surely one of the last of the post-war crooners (autocorrect just helpfully suggested “coroners”) He had the inevitable colourful life and the Personal Life section of his Wikipedia bio is one of the longest elative to other parts I have come across. Nevertheless, as with Sinatra, ultimately the music speaks for itself. Damone was much more typically a crooner in vocal style and repertoire than Sinatra.

Damone indeed has a classic crooner look as in the cover of The Street Where You Live album and images like this :

This 1981 cover image is somewhat more of its time :

Anyway, to the music

Here he is with “The Street Where You Live”

And here he is with ‘War And Peace”, a somewhat lighter piece than the title indicates:

Finally, for St Valentine’s Eve (not on YouTube but on Spotify) here is “I am in Love”:


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