Luke Kelly : Raglan Road (A Parade of Posts for St Patrick 1)

Thom Hickey from The Immortal Jukebox is posting a Parade of St Patrick’s Day Posts (Patrick’s Post Parade?) in the coming weeks…. begining with Luke Kelly singing Kavanagh’s On Raglan Road and via Flann O’Brien to Jack B Yeats.

My father often praised Luke Kelly’s On Raglan Road, in the course of castigating Van Morrison’s version. Patrick Kavanagh had some wonderful poems, most of which were included on the Leaving Cert curriculum. I remember being taken aback by the level of bitterness and vituperation in the rest of his poetry, when I read a Collected Works. I wonder how it would hold up now?

The Immortal Jukebox

For the week that’s in it The Immortal Jukebox series A Parade of Posts for St Patrick celebrates Ireland’s glorious heritage in Song, Poetry and Painting.

It seems to me that the, ‘Secret Sign’ has been revealed to generations of Irishmen and Irishwomen and that in response they have blessed us with inspiring voices and visions that will always echo through stone and time.


A Song from Luke Kelly

A Poem by Flann O’ Brien performed by Eamon Morrissey

A Painting by Jack B Yeats

Staff in hand let’s set off with Luke Kelly’s magisterial performance of Poet Patrick Kavanagh’s great, ‘Raglan Road’.

Luke Kelly was born to Sing.

Born to Sing.

In his singing there is passion pledged.

In his singing there is grief and rue.

In his singing there is enchantment.

In his singing there is Love and the whisper of old ghosts.

In his singing there is…

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