Unity of Three in One sculpture, Clerihan, Co Tipperary

20180721_1905261901797303.jpgThis sculpture dominates the junction in the middle of the village of Clerihan (AKA Ballyclerahan AKA Clerahan) which is a few miles from Clonmel. According to a comment on this page, “Clerihan is the name of the village, and nothing else. Ballyclerihan is a townland, but Clerihan is the village.” Elsewhere on the same website, Clerihan.ie, we find a very informative history. Amongst other things:

Clerihan Parish comprises of the ancient pre-Reformation parishes of New Chapel, Coleman and Ballyclerihan. The old Church ruins and graveyard are situated on elevated ground one mile west of the present village. The new Church was built in 1820 it is situated in the heart of the village and is dedicated to St. Michael. The old Church ruins of Coleman can still be seen and is dedicated to St. Coleman. The old graveyard still exists in New Chapel.

The present village of Ballyclerihan seems to have grown up around the Clonmel-Cashel Road where before the advent of railways Bianconi had a station and stables where he changed his horses. In 1846 the parish of Ballyclerihan had a population of 728 of these 339 were living in the village.

What I can’t find any information on, on the website or elsewhere online, is the sculpture itself. Indeed I am not totally sure of its name. There is this plaque:



I can’t get anything about a sculptor Jonathan Bennett online (there are lots of other Johnathan Bennetts) Here are some more views:



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