“Be Still”, Agnes Hunt RHSM – poem in Glencomeragh, Co Waterford.

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I have posted photos of Glencomeragh in February and photos of Glencomeragh in August. Glencomeragh was a Rosminian retreat centre near Kilsheelan (which is in Tipperary, but Glencomeragh is across the Suir in Waterford) which has more recently been home to the Holy Family Mission.

This poem is on a slightly faded board near Glen Falls, at the end of a boardwalk. On the other side of the board there is another poem I will perhaps post sometimes. The slideshow above shows each stanza as it is laid out on the board. This is just beside Glen Falls:


Agnes Hunt is the winner of the 2012 Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty Humanitarian Award for her work for the Irish Council for Prisoners Overseas:

The grounds for the Award were quoted as follows: Agnes was the first woman to be appointed to the chaplaincy in a male prison in England, 34 years ago; she continues to keep contact with long term prisoners up to the present time and she was nominated due to her commitment and empathy towards prisoners abroad and their families at home.


Anyhow, here is the poem:


Be still –

In fair Glencomeragh

where mighty oaks

from tiny acorns grow.

Majestic trees

Whose silent roots

Nourish with sap

The life of branch and shoot.


Be still – where willows droop

to kiss their image

in a shady pool

and water lilies

raise their heads

to glimpse the playful petals

on a dappled bed.


Be still –

where mountain streams

cascading from the heights

glint gold and silver,

as the rising sun,

lights up their daybreak dance

and with a sunkist blessing

sends them on their way

to dance their mirthful dance.


Be still –

where pond on pond

pour out their waters

in a joyful bond.

And passing pilgrims

on their earthbound way

atop a footbridge

are inspired to pray


Be still –

where standing stones

rise stately from the earth,

statue-like and solid

as the rocks

that gave them birth.

Keeping vigil night

and morn

firm ‘gainst sun and wind and storm.


Be still-

Praise God

For lordly oak

For drooping willow

For stately standing stones

For dappled ponds

For blessed abundance.

Be still,

in fair Glencomeragh.

For the heart of God

is beating all around.

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