Liszt : St. François de Paule marchant sur les flots, Deux Légendes II

Not that St Francis (of Assisi), but t St Francis of Paola patron of the Calabria region, boatmen, mariners, naval officers.

This is one of Liszt’s “Deux Légendes”, the first of which deals with St Francis of Assisi. From Wikipedia:

St. François de Paule marchant sur les flots, S.175/2 is based on a legend of St. Francis of Paola, according to which he was refused passage by a boatman while trying to cross the Strait of Messina to Sicily. He reportedly laid his cloak on the water, tied one end to his staff as a sail, and sailed across the strait with his companions following in the boat.[4] The piece was inspired by a picture owned by Liszt of St. Francis of Paola (who was Liszt’s name saint), drawn by Eduard von Steinle. Liszt described it in a letter of 31 May 1860 to Richard Wagner: “On his outspread cloak he strides firmly, steadfastly, over the tumultuous waves – his left hand holding burning coals, his right hand giving the sign of blessing, His gaze is directed upwards, where the word ‘Charitas’, surrounded by an aureole, lights his way!”[5]

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