#Inktober2018 day 12 – #whale

Ok, I have been quite sporadic posting about Inktober. Here are my posts so far:

#Inktober2018 Day 1: “Poisonous”

#inktober2018 Day 2 – “Tranquil”

#Inktober2018 Day 3 – #roasted

#Inktober2018 Day 9 #Precious

Obviously the in-between days were pretty good also. Anyway, the Day 12 “Official” prompt is “Whale”. And most people, unsurprisingly, have drawn a whale… although it is nice to start with a whale shark:


Here’s an Orca:


And here is an Orca’s skull:


Some whales with trees:


Whales in the yin/yang motif:


And the land-based ancestor of the whale:

https://t.co/apJC2z6LOx #inktober #inktober2018 #hitRECord— Archaic on HitRECord (@ArchaicOnHitREC) October 12, 2018 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

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