?Holy Well, Newcastle, Tipperary

Walking along a bit of the East Munster Way near Newcastle, Co Tipperary, I came across this sign:

Beside it stood a wooden stile and this sign

which says, basically “Holy Well, Old Chapel”

A closer view:

I walked down a muddy lane. About halfway down the lane there was an apple tree, with a host of fallen apples (looking fairly fresh) on the ground, and a few still on the branch. There didn’t seem any evidence of either human or animal interference with the fruit.

The lane ended by a stream. I sorta assumed the holy well was this:

Here’s another view. There was no evidence of any particular devotional practice I could find, not even the bush/tree festooned with bits of rags tied onto its branches one often sees.

I would be curious to find out more. I think the townland is either Middlequarter or Clashganny, based on some rather uncertain tooling around with Google Maps afterwards.

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