Stained Glass from Church of Our Lady, Coolagh, Callan, Kilkenny

Coolagh is a little outside Callan; this church is part of Callan parish. It is also featured in the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage\:

Occupying a prominent position on a crossroads in the centre of Coolaghflags on a corner site donated by Mr. Paddy Moore (n. d.) of nearby Coolaghmore House (12403002/KK-30-02) a pleasantly-composed modest-scale church built by Michael Kerwic (n. d.) of Callan makes a positive contribution to the aesthetic appeal of a rural townscape. Superseding an earlier church (12403004/KK-30-04) in the village a number of attributes indicate the growing confidence and prosperity of the Catholic congregation in the boom period following Emancipation (1829) and the Great Famine (1845-9): rock-faced detailing introduces a valuable textured visual effect enlivening an otherwise austerely-treated frontage while refined dressings to the openings exhibit expert stone masonry. Additional features including pretty stained glass panels identify the artistic design significance of the composition. Having historically been well maintained to present an early aspect the church contributes positively to the character of the locality: meanwhile an elegant gate screen displaying high quality craftsmanship makes a bold visual statement in the street scene.

The stained glass is indeed pretty. I noted that it seemed to combine depictions of the Saints and the Holy Family typical of much stained glass of this period (indeed the faces are getting familiar now, which is not surprising as many of the windows are from the same manufacturers. Recently I have been reading more about stained glass, which will no doubt make it into a longer post at some stage) with backgrounds of coloured grass in more abstract patterns. Examples:




Here is a plaque outside from the centenary celebrations of 1996.

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