Murphy Devitt stained glass, Chapel of St Martin de Porres, Dominican Friary, Limerick

I have blogged before about discovering the stained glass work of Murphy Devitt Studios. Here is a brief background from the MDS page:

In the early 1950s at Harry Clarke Studios, Dublin, John (Johnny) Murphy and John (Des) Devitt first met. By 1958 Johnny and Des along with Johnny’s wife Róisín Dowd Murphy decided to strike out alone and immediately started to create some of the most stunning stained glass ever seen in Ireland and beyond. It was a relationship that lasted almost fifty years, most notably in the form of Murphy/DevittStudios Limited.

Imagine my joy at happening on more Murphy Devitt work by chance in Limerick at the Dominican Friary. As is often the case one can reflect at how overlooked this magnificent and very widespread art form is in modern Ireland.

One window has a slightly unfortunate misprint of “designed”

Here is the statue of St Martin de Porres in the chapel:

There is also a later window in the Friary which Reitlin Muphy contributed to. This window featured what seemed to me representations of the social and economic life of Munster. My photo skills were even more sorely tested and this area was quite busy with post Mass worshippers which always inhibits me a little :

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