Happy Real Bread Week to (and with) the Auld Mill Bakery in Grangemockler

It is Real Bread Week. As I am sure you knew. The Real Bread Campaign is encouraging people to bake their own, or to buy additive free locally made loaves. This TripAdvisor review captures it well:

It seems appropriate to celebrate a local bakery which is somewhat atypical of Ireland. The Auld Mill in Grangemockler, which is on the N76 Clonmel-Kilkenny road, has the air of a boulangerie in a French village:

Stopped at this bakery out of sheer curiosity and had a toasted sandwich and tea. The bread was freshly baked and was delicious. It was a spelt bread, light yet hearthy, not dense and heavy like other spelt breads I have tried. The quality of the bread was very, very good. The baker sells fresh loaves of bread also and can slice them for you.
We took home a currant loaf, kind of like and old-fashioned Maderia cake but with raisins. It was moist, not too sweet, and it was hard not to have a second (um, er, third) slice with a cuppa.
We also got a cream coffee slice and just, wow, did not expect light, airy, flaky, perfectly baked puff pastry, but that’s what we got. Normally cream cakes look nicer than they are, you bite into them only to get a waxy, flat pastry and a greasy bite of cream, but not here. The icing, pastry, and cream on this coffee slice were all spot on.
I bake at home, and while I am an amateur I know when something is done right. The Auld Mill does it right. Will be back again, and again. Highly recommend.

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