“Stealth”, Howard Stein

It’s heading into midsummer. So, the perfect time to post a short poem about autumn. “Stealth” by Howard Stein (who has an interesting bio)captures the transitory, and elusive, nature of the seasons. Me, I’m still thinking 2019 is a new year, rather than one nearly half over. From Songs of Eretz Poetry Review:


Howard Stein

Fall arrives by stealth —

Just when no one is looking,

A few telltale leaves

Scrape along the dry sidewalk.

Soon, there is no turning back.

Poet’s Notes: In mid-September 2018, I was sitting on my porch, noticing an occasional brown leaf float to the ground. A few dry leaves scratched on the sidewalk when the Oklahoma breeze was swift enough. From that spell emerged this poem.

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