Kilkieran High Crosses

Kilkieran High Crosses  are (just) in Co Kilkenny and, along with nearby Ahenny and Killamery, are part of the Ossory Group of High Crosses. Peter Harbison, in the paper A High Cross Base from the Rock of Cashel and a Historical Reconsideration of the ‘Ahenny Group’ of Crosses discusses how these crosses, located on the Ossory side of the border of the kingdoms of Ossory and Caiseal (the Linguan River), marked assertions of local power.

The West Cross at Kilkieran is particularly striking:

Kilkieran also features an unusual high cross, an elongated, somewhat Mannerist-ish structure:

There is also what is referred to on the megalithic Ireland page as the “Plain Cross”, to the East of the West Cross (well, obviously)

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