In Praise of Mulled Apple & Blackcurrant Juice from The Apple Farm of Tipperary

Spring has been here for some time. Indeed, before most people notice, the seasons shift subtly. And yet, the last few days have seen weather which makes it feel more truly spring, in the sense of spring as a herald of summer. March, once again, is that gateway month from spring–post-winter to spring-pre-summer.

With my usual timing, I am going to praise a very winter product. Indeed, despite the Springtime weather, the last few days I have had a heavy cold and this product has been a wonderful tonic.

The Apple Farm of Tipperary will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year. As the website itself says :

The Apple Farm is located in county Tipperary in the south of Ireland. Apples have been grown in this area for hundreds of years, and since 1968 we have been planting more orchards to increase our supply. As well as apples, we grow pears, plums, sweet cherries, strawberries and raspberries. We also have a Camping and Caravan Park on the farm. And when we are not busy with this, you will find us making apple juice, and mixed juices from our other fruits; all done here on the farm. We even make a sparkling apple juice, and cider vinegar here too.
We have a farm shop from which our produce is available all year round.

The Apple Farm is a wonderful place to visit. Their product is always fantastic but nothing has impressed me more than their Mulled Apple & Blackcurrant drink. Gently heated, this gives a pleasing warming sensation, with a slight fruit kick.

Here’s a pic of the label (front and back), which is a beautifully clear design:

Really I recommend all the Apple Farm products that I have tried but especially this one.

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