A belated Ave Atque Vale to Mary Mulvihill

Sometimes one suddenly discovers a death one missed some years ago. I love Mary Mulvihill’s Ingenious Ireland. It is currently Out of Print, which perhaps tells its own story, but I discovered from the Ingenious Ireland site that, very sadly, Mary Mulvihill died in 2015:

It is with great regret and sadness that we inform you of the recent death of our Ingenious founder Mary Mulvihill, on 11th June 2015, following a short illness. Ave atque vale.

Years ago I went to a meeting which had something to do with the Science Gallery – I do not recall the focus but I do recall Mary’s presence. She was evidently a sharp and shrewd intellect and brought a welcome rigour to what was quite an aspirational meeting.

It is nearly three years later, so it seems very delayed, but ave atque vale.

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